DailyCha-E Loveyourself Set

(Showerhead 1ea + Vitapresso Vitamin Shower Capsule 3ea + Sediment Filter 3ea)

🛀 GET HEALTHY FROM FILTERS : Every filters are from the most cleanest filter company in Korea. These filters can eliminate residual chlorine and smell, trace heavy metal, chemical byproducts. We have 4 steps of filtering. Ultra fine removal to 5 micro

🛀 SAFE FOR YOUR CHILD AND FAMILY : The use of BPA-Free material for showerheads is very unique. We used PCTG instead of PC, so it's eco-friendly and safe. Also, It's PVC, phthalate Free. We got KC(Korean Certification) mark, too. Enjoy our safety!

🛀 WE ALL WANT CLEAN WATER AND HERE'S THE SOLUTION! : It's impossible to get clean water even in new pipes in new town. So, we made this for your new daily clean shower. This can remove 98.14% of lead from tap water.

🛀 WELL-MADE DESIGN EXPERIENCE : Did you feel the difference? Clear simple design with Wide 92mm Sprinkler head designed precisely ; every micro holes increase your water pressure, Saving your water and money.

🛀 MIX YOUR FILTERS : Let's choose according to your taste! Vitapresso have various types of scents.(It can change with season and temperature) These filters eliminates residual chlorine and Hazardous substances in tap water as instantaneous reduction method also helps your skin and hair more softer and stronger


🛀 COMFORTABLE WITH EVERYTHING : International standard size shower hose socket, very easy to install, take to pieces, change filters

You can choose any 3 scents you want.

If you comment or chat when ordering, we will check and ship it.